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Nowadays more and more people are lost in front of the immensity of life, and they decide to go in search of some answers without knowing what or where to look. The divinatory arts are especially intended for these people : indeed they enable to bring a semblance of answer to the lost sheeps, and so allow them to have a more peaceful life. There are many ways of predicting the future: astrology, numerology, cards reading, pendulum, palm reading...

Paranormal news

The divination area is very narrow : indeed it is a muffled world which is hard to join, especially for the neophytes. The divinatory arts are yet fascinating more and more novices, who try to get some information. But it sometimes can be difficult to find some reliable source to get informed, and especially the Internet. That is why we wanted to put at your disposal the latest news about divination, which de update everyday to be sure you won’t miss anything.

Power of visions

Some people have some extraordinary skills, which enable them to predict the future : indeed they have some visions like flashes, which show them the incoming events. They also can have some flashes about events which already happened, or even communicate with dead people. The fortune-tellers use several means to practise : cristal ball, cares reading or palm reading, pendulum or numerology…


On contrary to clairvoyance which cannot be tought because it calls for natural gifts, the astrology je based on the concrete study of the celestial bodies : by studying the position and the motion of the planets, the stars and the constellations, which are regular and consequently easy to forsee, the astrologist is able to predict the future and the sequence of events. In fact, the astrology is based on the existence of a correlation between the celestial bodies and what happens on earth.