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Read the stars through the cards

The stars shine in the dark and dark universe. We see them during the nights, which gives a reassuring effect. By learning to spot the stars, it is possible to orient oneself. The stars symbolize guides, as well as hope and faith. The stars are arcana which are therefore part of the family of planets and which generate phenomena that go beyond our conscious perception but nevertheless resonate in us; that is, they echo and influence something in our inner world or psyche. The functioning of the planets is as connected to our unconscious psychomotor functioning.

Believe in the stars

Believing in one's star involves developing an intuitive understanding of events. Hearing his intuition allows him to take charge of his destiny while accepting Destiny. Need a boost to see more clearly about your future or to make a decision? To know the evolution of your situation or the future of your relations do not hesitate to consult the site for a reading of your stars through the cards.

Stars are light

The stars are a kind of light, lucky charm in the center of the Tarot. It protects the future, brings together all the forces necessary to change things in a favorable way. In the affective domain, it symbolizes union and harmony. The good star watches over married couples and engenders deep feelings. In work, it makes things softer, easier. Relationships with others are enhanced, and anything related to creation or beauty is emphasized. Negative symbolism: Negatively, the star can mean an excess of self-confidence, a dose of unrealism that can lead to failure. But you really need this blade is misplaced in the game for it to spread such a message ... Its meaning in love: sincere feelings, beauty, and fulfillment. It’s meaning at the professional level: success, protection, benevolence. It’s meaning at the level of finances: protection, serenity, satisfaction.